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Please fill in this form to create your loved one's memorial page, you may wish to do this yourself or get a relative or friend to help you, its good to combine family memories. * There will be no need to insert Agents name/activation number if ordering direct with us.

Deceased details

Write your memories in the 'text to be displayed'. You have up to 5000 words to use if you wish. You might include where your relative was born, raised, went to school/college or details about their career or military service. You may wish to write about their family life, the things about them that made you laugh, even the things that sometimes made you mad. It could be a story, or even a poem - just write whatever you think brings their memories to life.
Our team will arrange the information you provide around your photos or videos. However, please note the information you provide will appear exactly as you enter it on the form. We do not edit the text or correct spelling.

Therefore, we advise you to first write the information into a text document, lay it out into paragraphs, make sure you spell check it, and then copy and paste the information into the 'text to be displayed' box. It's not a bad idea to let family and friends read it first before it's uploaded, and you may find that young members of the family are all very familiar with this process.
Charity details
If you wish please state the name of  the charity you would like to include on your memory page.

Please remember we will donate 1% of profits to a bereavement charity.
Example memorial page
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Select your photos or images from your desktop or photo library and upload them in the order that you want from top to bottom and left to right. See example page.
Click the coloured buttons below to reveal the colour.
Choose your background colour from:
White, Pink, Light Blue, Red, Beige, Blue, Green, Grey and Light Pink.
Upload signature/s (optional) . Simply do your signatures in black on white, photograph it then upload file.
Upload the portrait you want on your loved one's plaque. This is optional and not needed if you have chosen 5 or 6. Try to select a photo where the face is not too small and in focus. We will make it the correct size and remove the background.
Choose your loved one's style of plaque (optional)
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