What is a digital memory plaque and how does it work?

A Fondest Memories digital memory plaque is a specially designed plaque made of a stainless alloy metal. The plaque features a unique code (called a QR code) which can be scanned with a smart phone app taking the user directly to a bespoke memorial webpage created for the deceased.

How do you get a QR code scanning app?

Any smart phone user can access their 'app store' and search for a 'QR scanner'. There are many different apps available, some are free and some charge a small fee to download. Choosing an app for as little as £1.99 can mean no adverts, which is simpler and quicker to use .

How do you scan a memory plaque to access the memorial webpage?

For any easy 'how to' guide please watch the video on our homepage which shows you how to scan a plaque using a smart phone app - it's really simple! Once you open your scanning app on your smart phone, you hold your phone over the code on the plaque - keeping the phone flat above the plaque - the app will probably ping when it's scanned the code and the linked memorial webpage will open up in your internet browser automatically.

What are the memory plaques made of? And will they deteriorate over time?

The plaques are made of a stainless metal alloy. We have been making plaques for over 40 years using a tried and tested method so we know that they are extremely durable to both time and adverse weather conditions. However, in exposed locations near to the coast they may, in time, discolour slightly. This tarnish can be polished off carefully using non-corrosive products. Fondest Memories reserves the right to alter or change the specification of plaque manufacture or packaging.

Who makes the customer's memorial webpage?

The memorial webpage is made by the Fondest Memories team. This goes into production at the same time as the plaque itself. Production does not begin on either until payment has been made to us.

How long will the webpage last for?

Once the webpage has been created it is available to be viewed indefinitely. It can only be viewed when the associated plaque has been scanned, or if the customer has sent a link to the page, to someone else to view  or a copy or photo of the QR code.

Are there any restrictions on the use of Fondest Memories plaques?

Our research tells us that the majority of people are laid to rest in public, local authority owned cemeteries and we have not found any problems in a country-wide review. In certain churchyards however, particularly those in conservation areas, the parish’s own rules may not allow graveside ‘adornments’, be it a soft toy, sports scarf or otherwise. Our memory plaques are low key in their nature, however if in doubt, we would advise customers to check out the rules of the specific site their loved one will be laid to rest in. Some churchyards will not allow photographic images of the deceased, and so for this reason we would suggest the customer purchases the non-photo version of our memory plaques or the smaller version. If in doubt don’t order until you're  sure.

How can the memorial webpage be viewed by relatives unable to attend the graveside?

The memorial webpage is accessible to those who scan the plaque, but can also be shared with family or friends by simply sending a link to the webpage (which we will supply) via email or text or photo of the QR code via e mail etc.

How are the plaques fitted?

Each plaque is delivered in a presentation box, and comes with a strong adhesive backing so that they can be directly applied to any clean, hard, flat surface. It's simple to do and fitting instructions will be included. We recommend however that if possible, the plaque should be given to a stone mason who can recess it within a headstone or tablet at the time of making. The memory plaques can be positioned on the horizontal surface of a tablet, and in the case of a headstone, it can be placed on the face, the edge, the top or even the back. If you are going to a Stone mason for fixing in a recess then no adhesive tape is  applied and the Mason can use his adhesive of choice.

Can the memory plaques be fitted to anything?

The plaques can be fitted to any hard, flat surface. This could be a headstone, tablet, wooden cross or bench. If you have a bespoke requirement please contact us for specific advice via our website.

Can the plaques be fitted retrospectively?

Yes they can. Each plaque comes with a strong adhesive backing so that they can be directly applied to any clean, hard, flat surface. It's simple to do and fitting instructions will be included.

How long do customers have to upload their memories to the website for the memorial webpage to be made?

From the point of purchase, customers have up to 12 months to upload their memories to the website for production to begin. We believe this allows families a suitable timeframe to collect photos and write their memory text, when they feel ready.

How long does it take for the memory plaque and memorial webpage to be made?

Once the payment has been made to us and the customer has uploaded their text and photos/video, we begin the production of both plaque and webpage. There is a 6-8 week turnaround for both.

Can anyone edit the memorial webpage?

No. Only the customer can upload the text or photos/video via our website, and once submitted to us it cannot be edited by anyone. It is also important to note that neither the text nor photos or video will be edited in any shape or form by Fondest Memories. We explain on our uploads page on the website that the text will not be spell-checked or amended by us, so we advise customers to write out their memories in a word document first to get it right, and spell check it, before they upload to us.
Customers are given a free webpage review, before it is finalised, in order to check and correct any dates, names etc. that are found to be incorrect. After this however, we would charge an admin fee of £50 for any further alterations.

Is there a difference in cost for the different plaque sizes or colour finish?

No. The manufacture of the cost is all in the expertise in creating the images/information etc on the plaque. The base material cost is minimal and has little impact on the cost of your QR plaque and memory page package.

What is the data protection policy? Do personal details appear on the memorial webpage?

On the memorial webpages, only the information supplied by the family for this purpose will be used. This will include the name of the deceased, their dates of birth and death, just as any gravestone would show. And it will include the exact wording as supplied by the customer to us. We will not allow the inclusion of phone numbers, email addresses or postal addresses. We do not accept responsibility however for incorrect, malicious or illegal content.


Fondest Memories will implement and comply with the eight Data Protection Policy principles contained in the Data Protection Act 1998 which promote good conduct in relation to processing personal information. Internal processes and procedures are monitored on a regular basis to ensure compliance.

Fondest Memories has a responsibility to ensure that personal data dealt with in the course of their business is handled in accordance with statutory requirements and reasonable steps will be taken by all concerned to ensure this duty is observed.

Personal data will not be disclosed to a third party without individual written consent. Individuals have a right to request a copy of their personal data held by Fondest Memories.

Fondest Memories will continually review data security arrangements, monitor the risk of threats of data security, review security incidents, and establish and implement initiatives to enhance data security.

All companies who Fondest Memories have a working relationship with in the course of their business should ensure the requirement of the Data Protection Act 1998 is adhered to.

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